Jul. 17th, 2017 09:40 pm
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Oh look!  I woke up my blog, only to fail to blog.  Shock and surprise!

Oh well...

Anyway, I have been doing some serious writing lately.  Unfortunately for some, this is not on original fiction.  But fortunately for others (like the Umi/Clef shippers of the Rayearth fandom) this is a VERY VERY good thing.

As some of you know, I have pulled down the old version of my old fic Sanctuary from FFN and have begun replacing it with a shiny new version. Mostly because I am old, wiser, and I apparently squicked myself out when I reread it to finish it.  So I have pulled the whole thing and practically started from scratch.  

Ok, well, technically, I started with the basic idea, slapped on the damn sequel I was aiming at too hard, shook it up with a bit more fluff and and a little less drama, and voila new fic! 

For anyone wanting to know more about what is going into the silly thing, aside from over 100,000 words, I just want to say that I have gone out of my way to be as accurate as I can on some aspects of 1996-1997 Japan.  Mostly because it amuses me to do things like give Fuu a pager, because why not.  Also, I was curious about cultural differences when it comes to some later aspects of this story (not telling, thems spoilers!). 

I keep wanting to post pictures of my glorious (and once colour coded) outline/timeline, but I can't get a photo blurry enough not to give away various aspects of the plot.  Oh well.  Perhaps once the story reaches Christmas in the time-line I can post it.  That's only like....   20 chapters from now?  Why am I writing an epic romantic drama?  Does anyone really want to read this besides [personal profile] down ? I don't know!  

If anyone wants to read fic commentary on the posted chapters, let me know. I'm sorely tempted to post in-line commentary on the current chapters about what I've changed and other silly nonsense, if anyone is interested.


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